In my action research proposal, I lean towards the view point of
teachers advocating healthy choices at their school because it is
clear, by looking at child-obesity statistics, the parents do not
take the initiative in teaching their children on how to make
healthy choices. Many children are overweight though a lack of
proper nutrition and lack of exercise. We live in an age where
technology is utilized in many aspects in our lives. Adults and
children sometimes use technology to learn new information and
entertain. Children are no longer pushed to play outside because
busy parents do not have the time to watch their children, so
children are given technology to keep them busy. For every 10
percent rise in what a country spends on information and
communications technology, theres a 1 percent increase in obesity
rates (Fox 2012).
Mental health has been greatly effecting our children due to
economic problems. In the preliminary research that I conducted, I
found that racial and ethnic minorities are more prone to health
conditions. The barriers that were related to health problems were:
demographic variables, social structure variables, health beliefs
and attitudes, personal enabling resources, community enabling
resources, perceived illness and personal health practices
(Scheppers, Van Dongen, Dekker, Geertzen, and Dekker, 2006).
There are many websites that spread false information to spread
their propaganda and I will have to be diligent on my use of the
web for research. Scholarly journals do exist on the web, under
Googles search engine called Google scholar. To effectively and
efficiently research information on the web, it would be best to be
specific as possible. Changing my thesis into a question may help
narrow the research.
Conducting interviews on parents, doctors, and teachers will
help me gather preliminary information to help me solidify my
stance regarding my topic of research. Going to library maybe old
school, but it will safeguard my research from fake
To conduct research effectively and efficiently, my thesis will
have to be clear and specific. The thesis is a very important part
of an essay because it summarizes what you have in mind for this
research essay and guides the reader in reading your essay
I need to remember that the process of researching is not
linear. As I write, I will run into unanticipated gaps, which can
either throw my essay off completely or redirect my thesis. It is
imperative that the preliminary research that I conduct on the web
and in the library is accurate and thorough, so the gaps do no stop
my research paper from happening.
Fox, M. (2012, August 23). Spending on technology equals more
obesity, study shows. Retrieved May 26, 2017, from
Scheppers, E., Van Dongen, E., Dekker, J., Geertzen, J., &
Dekker, J. (2006). Potential barriers to the use of health services
among ethnic minorities: a review. Family practice, 23(3),

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