The Professional CommunityActions for The Professional CommunityThe realm of public health is diverse; with roles for local state federal and even international agencies. As with other sectors of health care professional communities contribute as well in direct and indirect manners.Research one or more of these professional organizations or another entity with a public health focus. American Public Health Association Association of State and Territorial Health Officials National Association of County and City Health Officials Society for Disaster Medicine and Public HealthWhat role do they play in the promotion of public health? What mechanisms do they use? Do any publish a peer-reviewed journal? Would you join one of these organizations? Why or why not?As a second step identify an article in a juried (peer reviewed) publication related to public health. Upload the article or abstract (some articles require payment for access) as an attachment. Why did you select this article? What impact has it had or might it have?As with all Discussions read the postings of at least two classmates and craft a thoughtful reply to each. Provide them with constructive feedback on their essays. (This is an improvement opportunity for all.)

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