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The right sampling of a population is crucial in research. Researchers have to define precisely the appropriate criteria to determine the population of study. For example studying ventilated patients, the criteria should defined if acute or chronic patients will be studied. If chronic, how many days or months on a ventilator. By refining the criteria it make a list of what is allowed to be included in the research and what is to be excluded from effecting the outcome the research. The purpose of the sampling is to be able to pull a portion to represent the whole population being studied. Carl Thompson, RN, PhD stated, “researchers must choose their sampling carefully to minimize bias” and “the ideal study sample represents the total population from which the sample was drawn” (If you could just provide me with a sample: examining sampling in qualitative and quantitative research papers, retrieved from

With proper representation of the whole population,it increases the validity of the research results. It allows the results to be used for generalization of the total population. In order for research to ultimately become evidence base practice in nursing, sampling is key. The well defined sampling of the population allows the change proposed to being determined new practice, will be successful in the whole population applied to.

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Thompson, C., If you could provide me with a sample: examining sampling in qualitative and quantitative research papers, July 1, 1999, Retrieved from:

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