The use of electronic records helps facilitate communication among all the health care providers involved with care provision. ERs are not widely used outside of a core medical practice or organization. ERs would allow for extra organizational and provider communication. Health care is not at this point yet. Class: Please, explain the importance of the use of ERs in healthcare. How do they contribute to communication? Can ERs be used in healthcare marketing? If so, how. Please, explain and share specific examples to demonstrate your point of view. Thank you.Please, explain, what are the benefits and challenges of technology-based communication for the consumer, the provider, and health care costs? Please, demonstrate your reasoning with supportive evidence. Thank you.Please, explain, how are patients most likely to access health care? Why? Please, demonstrate your reasoning with the use of researched evidence. Thank you. Please, explain, what are the advantages and disadvantages in using social media in health care? Please, support your reasoning with researched evidence. Thank you.It is believed (and supported by research) that positive relationships between healthcare team members and a patient’s capacity to follow through with medical recommendations (including self-management of a chronic medical condition, preventive healthcare) are strongly influenced by the effective communication. Effective communication strategies need to account for several factors ( targeted audience, communication channels, the message to be delivered….and et cetera). Please, conduct research and review our course readings. What are important steps of the effective communication plan? Please, list the steps of this process and comment on each. Thank you.please cite. May be 150-200 words each

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