Theory choice and rationale

Paper instructions:
Nursing theorist must be Orem. Information about me is that I want to use this theory when teaching nurses on labor in delivery(hospital) how to better communicate with patients. Being polite, introducing yourself,explaining medication side effects, having patient interact with us when reviewing her plan of care for our shift. To beable to know what deficits the nurse has and helpher and for her to understand her patients knowledge deficit and help her. Use attachment explains what instructor wants.

Theory Choice and Rationale

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Review the Case Study interactive exercise and process for choosing a nursing theory for application. Drawing on the knowledge and skills you gained in this exercise, choose a nursing theory that you will use for your final course project, and provide a rationale for its use in a real-world nursing practice situation. The situation may come from your own experience or one that you feel would be most appropriate for this theory to be used in.
For this assignment, you will:
• Choose a nursing theory for application in a potential real-world nursing practice situation.
• Choose a real-world nursing practice situation.
• Describe your theory, including its major concepts and definitions, assumptions, and acceptance by the nursing community.
• Discuss how this theory has been used in practice, with attention to evidence-based practice concepts.
• State how you would use this theory in your chosen practice situation.
• Provide a rationale for why this theory is applicable to this particular situation.
Your paper should be minimum of six pages of content

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