Throughout my nursing career I have had multiple coworkers go back to school to complete the BSN.  I’ve witnessed them move on to advance to higher positions in our organization, teaching, and just having the option to move unilaterally if they so wished.  I secretly wanted to go back to school but never verbalized it to anyone.  Honestly, I believe my fears have prevented me from taking the necessary steps to complete the BSN.  I recently got up the courage to talk to my husband and daughter about wanting to go back to school.  I admitted to them, and most importantly, to myself, that the fear of learning the technology, writing papers, and doing something that is going to take hard work, was preventing me from fulfulling a dream.  I have received nothing but support and encouragement.  So here I am. Taking the first steps to accomplish my goal of graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.     I have several concerns as I embark on this journey.  Mainly, it is wondering if I am going to be able to balance working full time night shift with school.  I’ve not written papers in years.  The thought of reintegrating myself into the writing mode and learning the technology facets that are now used is a daunting thought.  As I start to read the posts by all of you I am realizing I am not alone.  I am willing and frankly determined to accomplish this goal.     After reading the course materials, I am definately realizing I will have to manage my time.  I will organize my day to specifically set aside time to study and be realistic about it.  The one strategy in particular that has hit a chord with me and that I will have to work on most, is asking for help.  I have to acknowledge to myself that if I need help it is okay to ask for it.  It doesn’t mean I am a failure.  Also, I will work on enjoying this journey.  

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