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Transcultural Perspectives in Childbearing

Read chapter 5 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentation. Once done answer and/or develop the following answers;

1. Madge is an intake nurse at high-acuity labor and delivery unit. She is taking down information about a family’s birth plan and notice that the mother is accompanied by only another woman. Write three paragraphs on the following issues;

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a. Include cultural assessment technique to explore the family composition without offending the woman present.

b. Discuss the potential challenges lesbian couples may have in childbearing.

c. What are current policies like regarding who is allowed in the labor and delivery in the labor and delivery room? How might these look in the future?.

Question Description

Substance abuse as a community health problem.

Violence and nursing response.

Read chapter 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Once done answer the following questions.

  1. Discuss the historical trends and current conceptions of the cause and treatment of substance abuse.
  2. Describe the ethical and legal implications of substance abuse.
  3. Identify factors that influence violence.
  4. Identify at-risk populations for violence and the role of public health in dealing with the epidemic of violence.

Present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 1

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