The purpose of this project is for you to practice using avatar technology to enhance your knowledge of nursing informatics. This is a two-part project. In part one, you will explain the impact and importance of simulation and games in nursing education. In part two, you will have the opportunity to develop your own virtual character.

Part 1

Write a 1 – 2 page paper describing the impact of simulation, virtual worlds, and games in nursing education.

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  • Identify 2-3 advantages for each modality
  • Identify 2-3 disadvantages for each modality

Part 2

  • Read the section below titled Voki before beginning this phase of the project.
  • Develop a nurse informaticist avatar using Voki
  • Develop a technological educational scenario based on a nursing informatics topic of interest.
  • Develop 1-2 minute script for your topic. This script should be typed in Word.
  • copy and paste the link to your avatar in the word document
  • Be sure to proofread paper and eliminate all spelling and grammar errors
  • (It is not required, but if you want to practice, you can record the audio for your script and attach the voice to your avatar)

Voki Creation

For more information on developing a Voki click here.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates

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