You are the Project Manager in a large healthcare facility for Be Well Health System. The organization consists of 3 hospitals and 15 clinic/specialty facilities that were acquired over the past 10 years as part of the company’s growth strategy. While the sites are part of the Be Well Health System, many operate independently as they did before the acquisitions.
This strategy has worked well for the organization. Given the changing environment of the healthcare industry, Be Well’s executive team wants to make sure the organization is not growing too fast or stretching their resources too thin and impacting patient care or service. They know other organizations are working to consolidate and standardize their business operations and realize they will need to do the same to remain competitive.
The executive team would like to put together a strategic workgroup with representatives and key stakeholders from all the sites to start exploring how a consolidated organization might look and function successfully for all the sites. You know the group will have a lot of work to do, and in order to be successful, it is important that the right team of people is selected for the workgroup.
You have been asked to provide the group with information about how to identify the skills needed for this new workgroup, build the team, and develop staff so they are successful. You also know that not everyone understand the differences between the principles of management and strategic management, so you plan to start by presenting that information to the group.

You know that once the executive committee selects the workgroup participants, their work is just starting. Making sure that the team functions well and can come to consensus on key issue will be the determining factor of their success.
Write a 1 page paper on team building and consensus strategies. 

Provide your evaluation of team building strategies and select one to propose to the executive committee that would work well for this case scenario. Remember that employees are not currently co-located and bringing people in town for meetings can be an expensive option that will not always be available.
Provide your evaluation of consensus strategies and select one to propose to the executive committee that would work well for this case scenario. Take into consideration that work group participants may have different tiles and job rank, so you want the group to be able to naturally come to a consensus when faced with difficult issues rather than defaulting to higher level positions pulling rank over the group.

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APA formatting must be used for all written assignments. This includes title page, formatting and references along with in text citations. A minimum of 2 references must be used.

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