Read the Hospital scenario, located in the Allied Health Community. Be sure to review the Instructions and Legend information.
In a total of 250-500 words, respond to the questions located in the Hospital scenario. 
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA  Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not  required.

Type of care provided
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
A hospital is an acute care short-term stay and emergency medical center that also includes medical 
departments such as, surgical, obstetrics, infectious disease, radiology, laboratory and mental health.
How would you determine which skills, certifications, and licensur
e would be effective in retaining the 
current nurses?
Is there a direct correlation between additional skills and retention and motivation of the nurses?
How would you determine who would be provided the skills development? Are all skills for all nurses 
You are the administrator of a medium-sized hospital. The Director of Human Resources has been 
summoned to an executive team meeting in an effort determine why an unusual number of nursing staff 
leaving for other employment. During the discussions, the Director of Nursing provides her thoughts re

garding why the nurses may be less productive and why some are departing. She states that the primary 
reason is salaries/benefits. A charge nurse thinks the reason might be working conditions, especially 
involving patient load in the various nursing units. Overall morale is low
, which is adversely affecting pro

ductivity. This has also resulted in some patient quality outcomes discovered by the Continuous Quality 
Improvement team.
During the discussion, the Senior Director of Admissions shares some experiences she had with a for

mer employer–that the nursing staff tended to remain longer with the employer based on good working 
conditions, specifically in the area of learning new skills, obtaining additional certifications, licensure, and 
cross-training for other areas not usually assigned. She feels that these measures result in higher reten

tion and patient quality outcomes.
After the meeting, you meet with the Director of Nursing and Human Resources Director, who is also in 
charge of all training and development for the hospital. As the administrator
, you consider developing 
a small group to explore the feasibility of providing more skills development and training to your current 
nursing staff. Before implementing this directive, consider the following:
Question 4
Question 5
How would you determine if additional compensation would be required for trained nurses?
How would you quantitatively determine the cost of this initiative?

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