In your third meeting with the CIO, she explains that she must make a presentation to her peers on the executive team, including the chief operating officer, chief medical officer, chief nursing officer, chief financial officer, and CEO. The purpose is to teach them about the importance of rigorous and structured risk management.
They believe they worry too much about risk and issues that may not occur. However, the CIO has found that when unexpected events occur, especially events related to IT, she is asked, “How could this have happened?” She would like you to prepare a presentation describing the reasons for risk management planning and high-level steps in performing risk management.
Create a 7 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing the reasons for risk management planning and high-level steps in performing risk management. Your presentation should:

Analyze the steps in identifying risks in a health care IT project.
Explain the stakeholders involved in the project.

Explain the benefits to the company upon completion of this project.
Analyze the risks that may affect the project.

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Analyze the characteristics of the risks.
Analyze why it is important to consider these risks throughout the project.
Analyze how to correct the identified risks.
Explain how the project will be implemented.
Explain how the project will be monitored for ongoing risks.

Cite at least 3 reputable references. One reference must be your textbook, Managing Risk in Information Systems. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, detailed speaker notes, and a references page.

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