HNN021 : Annotated Bibliography – Nursing Assignment

Annotated Bibliography

Construct an annotated bibliography from three peer reviewed, relevant research articles for the National Standard listed below. Use the knowledge you have gained from reading the articles to explain how the findings may inform clinical nursing practice.

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Unit Learning Outcomes

ULO 1 – Apply knowledge of nursing principles and practices to the care of clients with acute or chronic health conditions in the Australian healthcare context.

ULO 2 – Apply the principles and practice of Quality Use of Medicines for clients with acute or chronic health conditions in the Australian healthcare context.

ULO 3 – Retrieve and use nursing information using available information technology


Compare two nursing theories:  includes an overview of each theory and specific examples of how it could be applied in your own clinical setting. , 8-10 pages,

An introduction, including an overview of both selected nursing theories • Background of the theories

• Philosophical underpinnings of the theories

• Major assumptions, concepts, and relationships

• Clinical applications/usefulness/value to extending nursing science testability • Comparison of the use of both theories in nursing practice

• Specific examples of how both theories could be applied in your specific clinical setting

• Parsimony

• Conclusion/Summary

• References: Use the course text and a minimum of three additional sources, listed in APA (6th ed.) format

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