NCS3101: Child and Adolescent Health- Evidence Based Case Study- Nursing Essay Assignment

Kevin is a four-year- old boy who has been transferred to the hospital from a remote community by the family doctor for admission and surgical insertion of bilateral grommets. This follows a history of repeated occurrences of acute otitis media with effusion. Kevin and his grandmother have just arrived on the ward and the nursing team you are working with has been allocated Kevin to their patient load. You are responsible for conducting and an initial assessment when admitting Kevin to the ward, preparing him for theatre and developing a plan of care relevant to his stay on the ward. Kevin appears shy but is demonstrating some age appropriate curiosity about his environment, however, his grandmother is very wary and anxious around the nursing staff, not making eye contact and reluctant to engage with nursing staff. She is unwilling to let go of Kevin’s hand. Kevin has a drink bottle containing cordial in his hands.

Kevin has initial admission observations of, T- 37.4 o C, HR – 86, RR – 26 BP 90/55, and assessment weight 13.9Kgs, height 100cms. During the assessment you notice Kevin has old dried exudate and the remains of a recently completed course of ear drops surrounding the ears and in localised hair. You also notice extensive dental caries affecting his baby teeth.

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Specific content guidelines
1. Students are required to research and write a case study essay with headings, directly relating to the above scenario. Examine and discuss your nursing assessment, pre and postoperative management and discuss all general nursing care incorporating a C & FCCapproach. Identify what nursing interventions you will consider and any referrals will you put into place during Kevin’s stay on the ward.
2. Discuss all of the members of the multidisciplinary team, and which particular members that would be involved in Kevin’s management of care, including what service that they will provide in the given scenario.
3. Referring to the C&FCC framework, develop a care plan incorporating an education plan for the child and his family that includes short and long term goals including discharge planning.Supportive rationale for your management is required. The care plan is not to be submitted but your planning, rationale for the plan and anticipated outcomes are to be discussed.

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