Question Description

Intervention and Evaluation PowerPointPowerPoint Presentation

Introduction: (average of 2-3 slides)

Identify an evidence based intervention: (average of 2–3 slides)

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Intervention Implementation: (average of 3–4 slides

Proposed Evaluation Methods: (average of 2–3 slides)

Summary: (average 1 slide)

You are a community public health nurse (C/PHN) working with the vulnerable population you identified in Milestone 2(Childhood obesity in community). Then develop a proposal to implement this intervention and a plan to evaluate the outcomes of this intervention. Create a PowerPoint that you could use to present to an organization in your community to request approval for funding and support for this intervention. (You are not required to implement the intervention or present your PowerPoint, though you may want to consider implementing your project in the future)

Question Description

Please see attached copy of the work.

In this third and final submission lanofp your Course Project, you will  be completing a comprehensive care plan. This written assignment should  include the following:

Comprehensive Plan of Care 
  Develop a comprehensive plan of care/treatment with short and long  term goals and include safety needs, special considerations regarding  personal needs, cultural/spiritual implications, and needed health  restoration, maintenance, and promotion.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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