Answer the following questions:

  1. Compare and contrast the current Scope and Standards (2015) with the 2010 version, in particular the Standards of Practice and the Standards of Performance for the 2015 edition and for the 2010 edition found in the 2015 version in Appendix A  Highlight a few changes and discuss your evaluation of the changes made – do you agree or disagree with them. Which version of the Standards do you prefer?
  2. Comment on the competencies listed under Standard 11 of the 2015 version.   Did you know that participating in a professional organization was included in one of the standards of your profession?  Comment on any of the competencies that you were surprised to find in any of the standards.
  3. Describe the legislative purpose and intent of F.S. 464 (AKA the Nurse Practice Act), F.S. 456, and F.A.C. 64 B9. Identify specific laws and rules related to the practice of nursing and nursing assisting.
  1. Identify and comment on one section of  F.A.C. 64-B9. Discuss how any of the concerns or solutions set forth in the articles impact the nurse’s ability to competently comply with any of the Standards of Practice or Performance.
  2. Are any of these standards/rules/laws in conflict with your own values?  Do you see a potential for conflict?
  3. After reading the malpractice article discuss how this article relates nursing malpractice to the nursing Standards of Practice.

F.S. 464

F.S. 45

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F.A.C. 64-B9

Provided the PDF for questions 1,2, and 6 below. Also provided the links for questions 3 and 4.

APA format, no plargiarism.

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