Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Core Competencies of Nurse Practtioner and Nurse Educator.It is therefore necessary to compare and contrast the various roles core competencies between the nurse practitioners and the nurse educators.Both the nursing educator and the nurse practitioners pursue a continuous quality improvement role in the nursing field. For instance, the role of Nurse Educators follows a multidimensional scope that requires an ever enduring commitment (National League for Nursing [NLN], 2005, p. 6). In order to improve the general quality in the nursing field, the Nurse Educators constantly engage in practices that would enhance their career knowledge and participate in the professional development activities such as seminars that would increase their effectiveness. The educators usually use the feedback gained from the nursing students to improve the effectiveness of their roles. Similarly, the nursing practitioners engage in regular activities that tend to improve the nursing field. For instance, they carry out a critical analysis of data and evidence while integrating knowledge from various disciplines with the aim of improving the quality of nursing.Both the nurse educators and the nurse practitioners make use of various assessment and evaluation strategies during their nursing roles. Ideally, nurse educators make wide use of existing literature in the medical sphere to develop evidence (NLN, 2005, p. 3), and evaluate different situations that emerge during their day to day practices. They also incorporate different strategies such as offering various assessment and evaluation tests to determine and review the level of competence among the learners. In comparison, the nursing practitioners incorporate the use of various clinical investigation strategies through the use of patients’ electronic databases such as health records to carry out an analysis of their patients (The National Organization of Nurse

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