NURSING – Cystic Fibrosis in children discussion

Answer to these questions for cystic fibrosis in children.

  • What is the pediatric condition/disease process/injury?
  • What signs and symptoms do you expect?
  • Provide a history of present illness (HPI).
  • What do you include in your focused assessment for this infant/child?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • Describe the expected findings.
  • What age is this infant/child?
  • What developmental stage is your patient in?
  • How do you adapt your assessment for this stage?
  • What cultures do your patient and his/her family belong to?
  • How will you adapt your care for the cultures?
  • Is there a potential legal/ethical issue? Why is it a potential issue?
  • Include 1 holistic teaching point, why it is important, and who you will teach.

Cite at least 1 research article about the condition, United States reference, APA format,

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