The Epidemiology Paper is a practice immersion assignment designed to be completed in three sections, this is part one of the assignment. Learners are required discuss the role of descriptive epidemiology in nursing science and apply descriptive epidemiology in nursing science.


Write a paper discussing the role of descriptive epidemiology in nursing science. Include the following:

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1. Define descriptive epidemiology and describe its relationship and role in nursing science today.

2. Provide a contemporary example of how descriptive epidemiology is applied in public health nursing.

3. Identify the epidemiology components used to analyze at-risk populations.


Exercise 4-1 (E4-1)
General questions
1. Working paper entries normally:

2. Working paper techniques assume nominal accounts are:

3. Most errors made in consolidating financial statements will appear when:

4. Net income on consolidation working papers is:

5. On consolidation working papers, individual stockholders’ equity accounts of a subsidiary are:

6. On consolidation working papers, investment income from a subsidiary is:

7. On consolidation working papers, the investment in consolidated subsidiary account balances are:

8. On consolidation working papers, consolidated net income is determined by:

9. On consolidation working papers, consolidated end-of-the-period retained earnings is determined by:

10. Under the trial balance approach to consolidation working papers, which of the following is used?

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