the capstone project i am working on is Hospital infection acquired
The Capstone Project is designed to be completed in sections. This is   part one of the assignment.
Propose a topic for your Change Proposal (500-750 words).
If you are having trouble with your topic, please contact your   instructor for assistance.
Use the feedback you have received on your proposed topics in the   Main Forum and the availability of evidence in peer-reviewed nursing   and medical journals to support your intervention, and choose a viable topic.
Approval of your topic is mandatory, and must be completed prior to   beginning the assignments for the Capstone Project. Future assignments   submitted with unapproved topics will not be accepted.
Include the following:

Describe a health care barrier or issue that needs   addressed.
Based on your Logic Model, present a brief summary     of the health care barrier or issue presented: (a) Describe the     problem, (b) Describe your proposed solution. Briefly discuss how     your proposed solution will resolve barrier or issue for in health     care, and (c) Discuss the expected outcomes for you initiating your   proposal.

This assignment requires that you support your position by   referencing four to six scholarly resources. At least three of your   supporting references must be from peer-reviewed resources.
APA style

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