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Objective 4: Describe the focus and foundational research of social psychology.

Social psychology is a very interesting field; it is full of applicable and fascinating research that looks at you (and everyone else) from a slightly different perspective. Most students are spell bound by this research and application (as was the world during it’s time of release). For Christians, it’s an outstanding perspective to understanding the events leading us through Holy Week and to the cross. It also helps us understand the inspirational parable of the Good Samaritan. Consider this as you watch video clips for this assignment.

Learning Activity #6: Psychology Term Paper

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  • Read Chapter 12 in your textbook.
  • Watch the following videos:
  • Soloman Asch’s conformity study (explained by Philip Zombardo)
  • Milgram’s Obedience Study (allow the Nazi concentration horrors portrayed to bring you understanding and compassion for those who suffered). This is hosted by Milgram himself and contains foreign subtitles, but is in English:
  • Zimbaros’s TED talk on the Psychology of Evil:
  • This explains the bystander effect hosted by Zimbardo as well as the application of being an agent of social change:
  • Write a five to seven-page double spaced (1250-1750 word) paper not including title page and reference page (no abstract require) that addresses the following:
  • Formatting, including the title and reference pages is to be APA compliant. Use the 6thedition APA template under course documents on the course home page and consult the Paper Writing rubric in your course syllabus. For additional help, access the OWL Purdue APA website, including a sample paper.
  • What is the perspective of social psychology in regards to an individual’s behavior? Discuss the three main areas in about one page (250 words).
  • Discuss the power of group influence, highlighting the research done by Asch and Milgram, in about one page (250 words).
  • Discuss in about one page (250 words), the power of roles and prejudices as seen by social psychologists, highlighting the study done by Zimbardo.
  • Discuss de-individuation, bystander intervention, and altruism in about one page (250 words). Relate these concepts to their presence online, particularly on social media.
  • Describe through the eyes of Social psychology, the events of Holy Week and the Parable of the Good Samaritan in about one page (250 words).
  • Finally, in about half a page (125 words) reflect on the topics discussed Chapter 12 and the video clips. Did anything provoke a strong reaction or epiphany? Focus on how you will apply this information to your everyday life.
  • In addition to your textbook, include two or three additional sources from the Internet. Only use websites that end in .org, .edu. or .gov so you know you are getting trust-worthy information.

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