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The report should be at least five pages long and will explore a specific topic that is related to the period of history covered in this course. The topic can be from the list at the end of the syllabus or determined by the student with the approval of the professor. The paper must be typed and double- spaced and included a bibliography of the sources used in the research. The MLA method of documentation is acceptable font “12”. The use of primary sources is strongly encouraged. The paper should present the factual information, but should also include the student’s observations and conclusions based on the research.

The following is a list of appropriate topics

The Palace of Versailles

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Classical Music

Discoveries in Medicine

Marie Antoinette

The Congress of Vienna

The Industrial Revolution

Weapons of a specific period

The Franco- Prussia War

The Development War


The Treaty of Versailles



John Wesley

Submarine Warfare in WWI

The Suez Canal

The Foundation of the State of Israel

Women Suffrage

The Holocaust

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