A health insurance covers the costs of a variety of services that promote sound physical and mental health.
In this assignment, you will learn the key elements of building your benefit plan.
Respond to the following:

Evaluate the key factors that you would consider when developing the components of your health insurance coverage.


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Please answer each question separately. Each question must be 250-300 words each. Please be plagiarism free.

1.Discuss how understanding Biblical principles of planning influences decision making in healthcare.

2. As a Christian health administrator, discuss your ideas for cost containment within the US healthcare delivery system.


After completing the lecture and reading assignments, develop a 750-1000 word written response paper to the following question. Do not use the question in your response.

 Access is regarded as a significant benchmark in assessing the effectiveness of the medical care delivery system. Discuss the implications of access for health and healthcare delivery for the Christian health administrator.
Please make sure you incorporate the christian worldview.

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