Physician and nurses in a healthcare organization will use a variety of technology tools to connect with one another. Exchanging healthcare information can be accomplished through the use of the Intranet and Extranet. Can anyone provide examples of an Intranet and Extranet application that healthcare organizations use? Support your answer with research. Must cite/ reference.

2. Information systems should be user-friendly systems. In your opinion, what type of characteristics would make an information system user-friendly?

3. C12: Other than organizational charts, charts can be used for a variety of reasons. One reason is to document errors in healthcare to see trends associated with these errors. Many healthcare facilities now use technology to fill prescriptions without having to handwrite a “hard copy” prescription. Is there any evidence that using technology to fill prescriptions rather than handwritten prescriptions decreases the incidence of medication errors? Support your answer with research. Must cite / reference.

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