Assessment Task 2 
You are required to prepare a 1500-word essay, supported by a minimum of § scholarly references. The purpose of this task is for you to extend your skills in sourcing Information from nursing journals, apply this Information to a nursing topic, further develop your academic writing skills and practice your referencing skills in a written essay. 
Please select ONE question from the below choices: 
1. Explain how nursing (as either/or a profession or a discipline) has been shaped by the social and cultural changes that have occurred over the last 200 years. 
2. Nurses in Australia are members of a regulated profession. Please discuss the importance of regulation in nursing and explore why regulation is necessary due to the nature of nursing work. 
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Safetyan:CV tfiSerdice ) 
Standards thatv:edeviopedyt: an CommissionnSa fey and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC). Please discuss at least two of the standards, as they relate to nursing and explain why it is essential that nurses are aware of the quality and safety frameworks that govern nursing practice. 
4. Select an influential figure from nursing, past or present. Explain their contribution to the profession and/or discipline, and their legacy on nursing. 
5. Sceolnetcrlaurtliuornsitnogst:rt lystOratnhde aadiscussnc=1:Za de a significant 
6. What is the fiduciary model of the nurse/patient relationship, Discuss 
s:nnfthVceYet responsibilities 
as part of 
relationship = why they important. 
7. Nursing has been subject to many stereotypes. Please identify and discuss at least two nursing stereotypes, and explore the ways they have impacted the perception of nursing as a profession. 
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