Drawing on relevant items from the required weekly readingprogram for this unit, the resources detailed below in the questionsand further research, you will undertake an analysis of a currenttopical health care issue in Australia following the detailed stepsbelow.You must examine the issue with reference to the principles ofperson-centered care, cultural safety, and professional codesrelevant to regulatory requirements.The assignment includes an analysis of the impact of socio-politicalissues on health and of consumers’ experience of health services byconsidering the impact of dominant values, assumptions andprocesses shaping health care in Australia.Learningoutcomesassessed1. Apply knowledge of regulatory requirements and ethicaland practice standards that underpin the nursingprofession, and explain how they relate to the provision ofperson-centred care.4. Apply knowledge of historical, social, and political issues toexplain the socio-political context of healthcare and theimpact of these structures on human health and consumerexperiences of health systems.5. Identify and analyse the dominant values, assumptions, andprocesses that shape health systems, care delivery models,and nursing practice in Australia.

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