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1] Explain the CRAAP test – what is it? What do each of the letters stand for? (Briefly explain what each term means).

2] Why does it matter whether the sources we use in our papers are good and reliable – or not? Why can’t we just use anything we find on the internet?

3] Is Wikipedia a reliable source for college papers – and why or why not?

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4] What does it mean if a source of information you are using is “peer reviewed”, and why is this good?

5] Why might you want to question the reliabillity of a source that is self-published?

6 – 9] Explain 4 of the following “logical fallacies” and give examples of each:

Slippery Slope, Red Herring, Non-Sequiter, Post Hoc, Bandwagon, Ad Hominem, Hasty Generalization, Strawman, Black and White Fallacy

10] I am a current nursing student doing research on treatments for breast cancer. I find an article in The New England Journal of Medicine, written by a famous cancer doctor, dated August 1985. Does this sound like a good source – and why or why not?

11] I am worried about how much red meat my husband eats. He goes to a website for the National Beef Counciland tells me not to worry because the website clearly states that eating red meat is great for one’s health. Should I be convinced – and why or why not?

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