NRSG125: Functioning of Clinical Reasoning Cycle – Nursing Assignment

1. Explain your understanding of the function of Clinical Reasoning Cycle in relation to nursing assessment

2. List any additional health assessment data would need to be collected for this patient as part of a focused nursing assessment?

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3. Considering the patient’s demographics (age, gender, lifestyle,) identify two focused nursing assessments that would assist you in collecting appropriate data for this patient?


Complex Nursing Care: Mental Health – Nursing Assignment

Referring to evidence-based literature, including references to mental health consumers’ views and

experiences of participation in their health care, discuss:

– The principles and the benefits of collaborative, consumer-centred mental health nursing practice 
– How consumers’ experiences of living with mental illness can inform mental health nursing practice. 
– How relevance of these finding for your own nursing practice development- in this section of the discussion you can use the first person, ‘I’ when you are discussing your own practice development, however, you must also support this section of the discussion with references to relevant literature.

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