Exploring Evidence-Based Solutions

Evidence-based solutions are typically well researched and published in respected journals. Evidence does not necessarily mean that a solution will reduce or improve every community’s public health problems, however. Conversely, a lack of evidence does not necessarily mean that a solution will not work for a particular community or population. In each case, additional assessment might be needed to decide whether this solution is appropriate. A community health assessment can be used to find out whether, and how, an evidence-based solution might work in a community or for a particular population, and how that solution might need to be adapted.

For this week’s Discussion, consider the different criteria discussed in the Resources used to judge the relevancy of evidence-based solutions to public health problems. Use the Walden Library and the Resources to investigate and select one article related to an evidence-based solution to a public health problem. Consider how this evidence-based solution can be generalized to other populations or within several communities.

With these thoughts in mind:

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Post  3 pages of a description of a community health problem and an evidence-based solution to the problem in the resource you selected. Then, explain how successfully it might be generalized to a larger population. Justify your response. Finally, explain what might limit the use of this solution with several communities or other populations. Justify your response

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