This week you continue your work on your course project by completing an outline. Falls, pressure ulcers, nursing turnover, nursing retention, catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI’s), central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI’s), patient education, communication (be a little more specific…shift-to-shift report, bedside report, nurse-to physician communication, etc.), call light management, hourly rounding, alarm management, bar-coding medication administration, etcRemember, this is only an outline, and not a paper; it does not need to be in paragraph format. You may use bullets or an outline formatting within Microsoft Word. Remember to create a title page and a reference page (if you cite any sources). For this outline, 1-page is the minimum, but it can certainly be more than that. Here is an example outline to get started:

    1. Define your project
      1. What is it? Many people do not know what pressure ulcers, CAUTI or CLABSI, etc. are.
      2. Statistics – What is the prevalence/incidence rates across the US or in your state/region?
    2. Causes (what are some of the causes?)
      1. List one cause here
      2. List another cause here, etc.
    3. Benefits for preventing/fixing/decreasing
      1. List reasons here
    4. How to prevent
      1. List
      2. Methods
      3. Here
    5. Nursing Interventions
      1. What are things nurses can do to help with this topic?
      2. List them here

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