Part I:

A) Spend 1 hour scanning the journal volumes for the year(s) you are assigned. If you are assigned the year 1952 and beyond, spend part of your hour scanning the table of contents for each month in the Nursing Research to identify the types of research being conducted during that time frame.

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B) After looking at the table of contents, choose to read a couple of articles that intrigued you.

C) Out of all the articles you skim and/or read, find one RESEARCH article that you found most influential and print out a hard copy, attach it to your written paper, and keep it for part II of this assignment. If you find a picture, table of contents, another article or something that also intrigues you, make a copy and attach it to the assignment.

• Each student will summarize his/her assigned years’ content in a short 2-page paper. Use the Framework for Exploring the Discipline of Nursing (see below) to guide your exploration of the journal volumes and use as a guide to write your Part I paper.

Framework for Exploring the Discipline of Nursing

1. What was the role of the nurse during this time frame?

2. At that time, what did we know about health?

3. What were the common health issues/trends of this time frame?

4. What new discoveries impacted health care and/or what big changes were occurring at this time?

5. Describe the key nursing figures.

6. Describe the development of any professional nursing organizations – name organization, purpose and key players.

7. What did your readings tell you about how nurses were educated for practicing nursing? Were there any nursing specialties?

8. What was the 3 most important findings of your journal review for your time period? (Be prepared to share in class)

Grading Rubric Theorist-Journal Review Paper

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