I have a health information management assignment due on the health information exchange in the state of Maryland my budget is 12 and due by Monday.

Part one:
a. Define HIE.
b. List some benefits of a HIE.
c. Define and list an advantage/disadvantage for each HIE model.
· Centralized HIE architecture
· Decentralized/Federated HIE Architecture
· Hybrid HIE Architecture
· Health Record Banking HIE Architecture
d. Define and give one example of these exchange methodologies:
· DIRECT Exchange
· Query –based Exchange
· Consumer Mediated Exchange
e. List and explain two HIE initiatives that are currently going on in the United States.
f. Identify two issues/challenges in health information exchange.
Part two:
Write a 1-2 page paper (double-spaced) with a Reference list included (APA format preferred).
a. Using the State you have been assigned below, describe the progress made thus far in regard to health information exchange. Are there any current HIE initiatives in your state? What is the structure of their HIE? What are the successes and/or barriers thus far? If there are no initiatives, why do you think that is the case? Is there something specific about this State that would me an HIE more or less successful?

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