PAPER 1- minimum of 6 pgsWrite a paper that discusses the following 3 elements:Provide an overview of how health care in the United States has evolved since the postindustrial period.How has the evolution of medical technology, graduate medical education, and the professionalization of medical and nursing staff affected the delivery of care?Why has the United States been unsuccessful in evolving the current health care system into a national health care system?3 scholarly references.Please include in text citationsDUE 5/24/2017PAPER 2 minimum of 500 wordsComplete the following tasks: minimum ofResearch and discuss 1 piece of federal legislation that has affected the use of medical technology.Explain how changes in medical technology affect health care costs.Discuss 1-2 current trends in medical technology and how those trends are expected to impact the performance of the U.S. health care system and public health.2 references


choose a real example of both a good leader that has established a healthy ethical culture in his or her organization and a bad leader that has created an unhealthy cultural environment in his or her organization. Using terminology from our text, describe how each culture has been created. Finally, discuss ways in which bad leadership can be systematically prevented.Be sure to complete each of the following steps:1. Identify and describe a real-life example of a leader who has established a good ethical culture and provide an argument for why their organization has a good ethical culture.2. Identify and describe a real-life example of a leader who has ruined the ethical culture of an organization and provide an argument for why that leader is responsible for their company’s ethical decline.3. Provide an example of how a Formal Cultural System is used to prevent the damaging effects of bad leadership.

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