Prompt: Write a ± 550-word expository essay explaining how to eat healthy is one of the ways to combat potential obesity issues. 

Your essay should have 5 paragraphs (1 introduction with your thesis statement – 3 body paragraphs – 1 conclusion). 

In your essay, you must use some information or evidence from ALL of the five (5) sources below. Use direct quotes (no more than a couple of lines each using quotation marks); no more than 2 direct quotes for your all essay. Also, use paraphrased passages (usually 1 to 2 lines from the sources). For presenting evidence from these outside sources, refer to your CP, pp. 254-261.
At the end of your essay, you must have the “Reference List” section referring to the sources below. Refer to your CP, pp. 266-269, on how to present your Reference List.
§ CP, Unit 3: “It’s the Calories”, pp. 195-202

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