Develop a research paper of eight pages in length, typed, double-spaced, exclusive of references. References are to be cited using the APA format. Identify a health behavior (PROCRASTINATION) that significantly affects health status in a particular group of people. Review the professional literature (Introduction to Health Behavior Theory 2nd Edition by Joana Hayden) to determine how researchers have applied health behavior models to explain this health behavior. References must be from professional/academic sources. Compare and contrast how AT LEAST two of the following health behavior models are applied to the health behavior; The Health Belief Model, The Transtheoretical Model, The Theory of Planned Behavior, Social Cognitive Theory, The Transactional Theory of Stress and Coping. Include:  Thesis: Original thoughts regarding the utility and application of the models to the health behavior  Introduction to the Health Behavior and its significance ( one paragraph)  Description of the models being compared including constructs and application to the Health Behavior ( at least one reference for each application)  At least five original comparisons that support your thesis  Conclusion: recapitulation of the thesis  Reference page RUBRIC Present evidence of high prevalence. Clear explanation of the distribution of the behavior by gender, age, ethnicity, income and other important variables. Include behavioral, occupational and environmental risk factors. Correctly identify risk factors. Include multiple credible sources. Use analytical epidemiology to describe significant differences in risk as a result of the health behavior. Clearly describe knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and values that impact the health behavior. Clearly describe environmental factors beyond risk factors, include public policy implications. Clearly apply an appropriate health behavior model and supports the application with professional literature Prioritize preventive measures by impact and strength of evidence

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