Identify and select a health problem in the US Health Care sector from the list below.  Prepare a summary document using the required table format shown below. The table should be single spaced and a maximum of three (3) pages. Also include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format (these do not count toward the page limit). Reference the bolded formatting instructions in the Class Guidelines area of the syllabus.  The topics is as follows

Disadvantaged children often do not have health insurance and do not receive the preventive care (such as vaccines and well-baby check-ups) that can help avoid long-term health problems

Health Problem:Describe and provide details about the health problem.  Indicate in detail who is most impacted by this health problem. This section must include how the problem impacts patients, health care providers and/or professionals, health organizations, and government. Note the human and financial costs. Use in-text citations for all statistical references. 
Healthy People 2020:Summarize the health problem as recognized by Healthy People 2020. Note how the health problem you identified fits within the Healthy People 2020 framework. Use in-text citations as needed.If the issue is not identified in Healthy People 2020, research and assess if another governmental document identifies and describes the problem. If yes, indicate the source. Hypothesize about why this specific societal health problem might have been excluded from Healthy People 2020. 
Official Title and Citation of the Legislation:Indicate the government’s response to the health problem you selected. Select one piece of legislation. In this section, include the title, bill number or citation from the statute.
Status:As of the date of submission, what is the status of the legislation in the health policy cycle?
Analysis of the public policy response:Describe the scope of the legislation and the anticipated impact.
Conclusion:In your opinion, does the health policy adequately addresses the health problem you identified? Why or why not?
Resources for Updates:What resource would a health organization use to check for updates on this policy or legislation?

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