4-6 pages APA format plagiarism free pleaseIn 2010, the United States passed landmark health care legislation when President Obamas health care plan passed in the U.S. Congress. However, despite its promise to provide health care coverage for a number of groups previously unable to obtain coverage, many Americans are dissatisfied with the components of the plan.Thinking in terms of the administrator and third-party payer perspectives, answer the following:What do you feel are the biggest weaknesses of the health care plan, and why?Be sure to provide 23 weaknesses for each group (i.e. providers and patients), and explain your rationale for choosing each by supporting your thoughts with properly cited references.Please visit the Health Reform Web site for more information on the latest health care policy reforms.


Chapter 7 of your textbook describes professional responsibility for healthcare employees in situations of protected relationships and privileged communication. Examine a personal experience that you have had as a consumer of healthcare services. Provide a discussion of this interaction, addressing this concept of professional responsibility.

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