This  week we are going even further into the legalities of health  information and  the focus is eDiscovery. eDiscovery refers to  electronic data that is sought  for the use of evidence in a legal  proceeding. As you all know, technology is  heavily used in the  provision and documentation of healthcare. This means that  electronic  data is being utilized as evidence more often now then it was when   healthcare facilities were keeping mostly paper health records. An HIM   professional works with these related challenges:

How  do we ensure that our organization is adequately preserving data?
How  do we properly identify data sources that may contain information that is  pertinent to eDiscovery?
How  do we ensure that there is appropriate access and security of data that is  being sought as evidence in eDiscovery? 

In this  assignment, please create Guidelines for eDiscovery for a  current day  healthcare facility. Use your text, supplemental resources  available on this  topic at and resources available in the  Rasmussen College Library to  guide your research.
Your  submission must contain a list of numbered guidelines that are  supported by  professional resources evidenced in citations. Do not copy  from your resources  but rather create original guidelines and support  them with resource material  via citations. The average submission will  be no more than 2 pages plus a  resource page.

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