Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Literature Review on Nursing Home Quality. This website contains a study on quality improvement programs in nursing homes in various states. The site claims that the purpose of this “study is to inform state and federal policymakers about state-initiated quality improvement programs, with the particular goal of providing information to states that may wish to develop similar programs in their state.”An independent site that provides information on various medical facilities including nursing homes. The site contains information on quality efforts by IPRO in the state of New York alone. The site claims that “IPRO has entered into the 8th Scope of Work (SOW) as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for New York State. IPRO’s Nursing Home Quality Improvement (NHQI) team works with nursing homes throughout the state to help improve the quality of care for nursing home residents by providing facilities with complimentary clinical resources, quality improvement materials, and, where indicated or requested, 1:1 technical support.”This site provides legal information concerning nursing homes in the US. The site deals particularly with the NURSING HOME REFORM ACT OF 1987 and any information pertaining to that can be accessed on this site.It is an excellent site containing important information on elderly abuse in nursing homes. This site helps consumers identify signs of elderly abuse and directs them to seek legal help in their states.This article addreArticlesThe Extent of Quality Improvement Activities in Nursing Homes — Lee and Wendling 19 (6): 255 — American Journal of Medical QualityThis article addresses the problem of quality of nursing home care, which it recognizes as a cause of concern. The article discusses in detail the Nursing Home Quality Initiative launched by the federal government, which is meant to improve quality (QI). In order to assess the effectiveness of this initiative, the article examines the preparation done for the implementation of QI.

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