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There is no length requirement, but it is important to make sure you hit upon key points

Step 1: Watch the video about Theresa and Joe and Answer the following questions…

1.) How much LTC insurance benefit did Theresa and Joe purchase?

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2.) What form of care did Theresa choose for Joe?

3.) What feature of the policy allowed Joe to access additional benefits when his pool of funds exhausted?

4.) What choices would Theresa have if Joe exhausted the entire pool of funds?

Step 2: Read “Who Buys Long-Term Care Insurance?” and Answer the following questions


1.) What was the primary reason in 2015 that people purchased LTC insurance?

2.) What was the primary reason in 2015 that people did not purchase LTC insurance?

3.) What were the average annual premiums paid in 2015 by persons:
a.) Age 55-64
b.) Age 65-69

Step 3: Review the following link and answer the following question…

1.) With regards to Medicare, what is the coverage gap that would need to be paid from personal funds during a nursing home stay? (what will Medicare cover until you need to come out of pocket?)

2.) Do you agree or disagree with the statement, “long-term care insurance is becoming a luxury item”? Why?

Step 4: Research & Answer

1.) What are the potential liabilities for advisers discussing (or possibly failing to discuss) long term care?

(Refer to CFP Standards of Conduct for guidance –—professional-standards-enforcement/CFP-Board-Code-and-Standards)

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