CRS176: Nursing Care Plan- Primary Health Care Services- Nursing Report Writing Assignment


You are required to write a nursing care plan for a resident you are caring for on your placement.
1. You are to gather information on resident during clinical placement
2. You will need to ask permission from the clinical placement facility before you begin gather information about your chosen resident
3. No identifying information should be included in the case study
4. The resident should have dual diagnosis including but not limited to dementia and continence issues

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Part A – Introduction
You must include an introduction to your resident that covers:
1. Their diagnoses and the impact this has had on the resident
2. Which theory of ageing you believe is most appropriate for this resident
3. Explain the physiology of ageing and how it relates to this resident’s disease process

Part B – Nursing care plan
Your nursing care plan must include:
1. Strategies and nursing interventions that can be used with people with dementia
2. Primary health care services for the older person
3. Strategies to respond to challenging behaviour
4. Complementary therapies
5. Meeting oral hygiene needs of a resident with dental prosthetics
6. Pain management for the older resident (including recognition of pain and pain triggers)

*There is no minimum number of nursing diagnosis or nursing interventions required for this assessment,however you should have no more than 5 actual and 4 potential nursing diagnosis (total of 9) for your resident. You need to meet the above requirements in order to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment. Please refer to the provide list of nursing diagnosis for a guide of actual or potential nursing diagnosis that you can use.

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