Contemporary Nursing Issues, Trends, and Management, by Barbara Cherry/ Susan R. Jacob.

Topic for the seminar  is nursing education

I can send the textbook if you need it.

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Criteria for Seminar

Reviewing literature to develop a comprehensive reading list to include:

1. Correlating topic chapter in required textbook and three peer reviewed scholarly articles. ( one from the class textbook)

Creating a topic outline

Developing facilitating strategies:  case studies, video clips, role plays, debates

Identifying discussion question of interest

APA format

Outline of Seminar topic including:

Topic summary

Seminar objectives

Seminar plan and facilitation strategy and discussion questions/ case studies/ seminar prompts.

Include 3 peer reviewed scholarly articles


Information Technology in Health Care

Topic summary

Health information technology is the area of involving the design, development, creation, use and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry. An EHR or electronic medical record is an individual’s official, digital health record and is shared among multiple facilities and agencies. Creating a world that will better enhance the way medical professionals and patients communicate, analyze, and interoperate information crucial to improving someone quality of care.

With evolving technology comes complication that can challenge the health care provider. The challenges that are presented are lack of adaptation to new platforms, effectiveness of security/privacy, and implementation costs.

The future of healthcare technology is filled with new innovative advancements in cognitive super computers, nanotechnology, neuroprosthetics, and virtual reality. These new advancement could quite possible have the capability to help fight cancer, give amputees the opportunity to walk again, and giving the pre-op patient a virtual reality experience of what their surgical procedures will entail.

Required Reading List

1. Carlisle, D. (2013). Paper-free future. Nursing Standard, 28(11), 24-25.

2. Baillie, L., Chadwick, S., Mann, R., & Brooke-Read, M. (2012). Students’ experiences of electronic health records in practice.British Journal Of Nursing, 21(21), 1262-1269.

3. Madison, C. (2015). The future means flexibility: enterprise-wide EMR. MLO: Medical Laboratory Observer, 47(7), 38.

Seminar Objectives

1. Identify key attributes of Electronic Health Record systems and their influence on patient safety and quality care

2. Describe the complications and issues that the EHR system presents

3. Assess how future trends in technology will effect health care delivery

Seminar Schedule

—-Introduction to EHR—-

* What is an EHR?

* Medication error activity

* The benefits of an EHR

* Security and privacy

—-Issues with EHR systems—-

* EHR State of Mind | #LetDoctorsBeDoctors |

* Privacy and Security

___________________________________10 Minute Break__________________________________________

—-First Debate Panel—- (Group Work)

* Split the class into two groups

Group 1- explains the importance of an EHR

Group 2- explains the weaknesses involved in an EHR system

Groups will present a rebuttal argument

—-Future Technology in Health Care—-

1. IBM’s Breakthrough: Watson May Help Beat Cancer-

o IBM Cognitive computer “Watson”

o Remote charting

—- Second Debate Panel—-

1. Do you agree or disagree with the movement towards coginitve computers such as IBM’s super computer “Watson”?

2. Is it ok to allow “Watson” to make medical decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatment plan for the Physician?

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