401005 : Nursing – Human Relationships And Life Transitions – Nursing Assessment Help


Demonstrate an understanding of the components of human development including psychological, social, cognitive and moral components of human development throughout the lifespan from pre-birth to older age.

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Explain the nature of human relationships across the lifespan, social attachments and the influence of culture on human development.

Identify coping strategies used to manage life transitions in each stage of the lifespan

Explain the relevance of human relationship and life transition concepts to nursing and midwifery practice


Activity-Based Product Costing Suppose that a surgical ward has gathered the following information for four nursing activities and two types of patients:


1. Determine the total nursing costs assigned to each patient category.

2. Output is measured in patient days. Assuming that the normal patient category uses 10,000 patient days and the intensive patient category uses 8,000 patient days, calculate the nursing cost per patient day for each type of patient.

3. Conceptual Connection: The supervisor of the surgical ward has suggested that patient days is the only driver

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