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Purpose: This paper gives you the opportunity to explore your own attitudes and beliefs regarding leadership and how that impacts your nursing leadership style.Process: Begin an APA formatted paper with reference support to validate your position. You will have until the end of week 7 to complete this assignment. This paper is calling for your personal perspective so, unlike future courses with scholarly writing, you are allowed to use the first person “I” for this paper.The abstract should tell the reader what you are covering and why and not exceed 150 words. Address the following:

  • Provide a brief introduction to the purpose of the paper.
  • What is your Nursing leadership style? Identify a specific style based on the resources reading you reviewed. Explain your personal philosophy of leadership, providing specific examples.
  • What are characteristics of the style? Provide citation support.
  • What impact does this style have on your professional practice? Strengths/Weaknesses?Incorporate your mission and vision statement into the paper.
  • What are your professional aspirations?
  • What strategies would you suggest to enhance your leadership? Provide citation support.
  • How will you “pay it forward”? Provide examples.
  • Comment on your opinion about role transition, the theory-practice gap, and socialization into your advanced nursing role. Provide citation support for your opinions.
  • Provide a conclusion.Submit your 10 page double-spaced, APA Paper on or before Sunday at 11:59 p.m. in the designated assignment link in week 7. The cover page and reference list are not counted in the page count. (No email papers will be accepted)
  • Reference BOOK—-The New Leadership Challenge By:Grossman. ISBN 9780803657663Copyright 17Publisher F.A. Davis Edition 5Binding Paperback

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