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Consider how the key aspects of nursing leadership and management we have been studying impact healthcare organizations. Understanding these is a core competency for nursing leaders and managers. In depth exploration of these aspects will improve your working knowledge of their importance and application as a nursing leader or manager. In an effort to provide you with a strong foundation in this area, this assignment asks that you critically examine and analyze one of these key aspects as it applies to a focused healthcare setting.

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Writing/content instructions:

Select an aspect of nursing leadership and/or management that you learned about in your readings, class, or through your research efforts. For example, consider the variety of aspects we have discussed including but not limited to ethics, planned change, education, fiscal planning, communication, quality control, or perhaps staffing or motivation.

Chose a specific type of healthcare organisation/setting. For example you may wish to consider a local hospital, outpatient clinic, or rehabilitation centre/nursing home on which to focus the paper.

Utilizing a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed, evidence-based references from materials found in the library, class, and your text books, apply nursing leadership and/or management concepts and theories to critically analyze the key aspect you have chosen. Discuss how the key aspect you have selected relates to the healthcare organisation/setting you have chosen.

Consider the following questions as you develop your paper:

What is the current state of the key aspect you have chosen in regards to the setting you have identified. Consider including its importance, change in value over time (has it become more or less important), and does it have a critical application to the healthcare organisation/setting you have chosen and if so, what impact does it have on the setting?

What are some current challenges/barriers facing nursing leadership and managers in this healthcare setting as it relates to the key aspect you have chosen to discuss? What would you do to overcome these challenges?

What recommendations would you make to the organisation/setting as to how they could apply this key aspect to improve the quality of patient care?

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