NRSG370: Nursing Problem Or Issue That Relates To The Specialty Area Of Practice – Nursing Assignment

You will be required to identify a nursing problem or issue that relates to the specialty area of practice in which you are completing your clinical placement for this unit. Once you have identified a nursing problem/issue you will need to develop this into a question for exploration which is subject to approval by your LIC/Tutor. This question needs to be realistic in the context of your speciality clinical placement in relation to nursing practice. This question will lead you to contemporary literature. From your reading of this literature, you will discover what is known or not known about your question. The information that you have gained from your reading and your observation of practice should then enable you to draw conclusions concerning your nursing question. You will then write a report summarising your finding.


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• Describe why this problem/issue is of interest to you and how it came to your attention (this information will be included in your project report);

• You will then need to formulate at least one question from the problem/issue that you would like to explore in more detail;

• Your question should clearly articulate your specialty area, the problem you wish to investigate and compare an observed practice/problem with evidence that underpins best practice;

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