Reflective Paper:Word limit: 1000 words
Guideline for reflective journal Reflection and reflective practice are widely used in the nursing literature and this method can bridge the gap between theory and practice and of developing and articulating tacit knowledge (Hillerik, 2012). Reflection in practice is the process that involves recalling thought and memories to make sense of a significant event, so that necessary changes to teaching practice are identified and recommended (Bagay, 2012; Coutts, 2014). The purpose of this reflective journal is to provide students with the opportunity to do personal reflection on the issues related to current nursing knowledge and practice learnt in this course. Critical analyses with logical arguments in the reflective paper are crucial. The paper documents the students’ reflective thinking and learning that has taken place, and the feelings they have experienced in the entire learning process. The objective is to allow students to be able to reflect on the learning experience of issues related to nursing knowledge and practice from the course as well as the group project.

Written report should be typed on A-4 size paper, double line spacing, 12 font size and single sided page. Referencing style should be referred to APA system (American Psychological Association).

CriteriaMark Quality of the Content & Analysis:-Able to describe the learning experience of contemporary issues related to nursing knowledge and practice from the course and the group project. / 20-Able to share the major thoughts, perceptions, and feelings that related to this learning experience. / 20-Demonstrates understanding of the related concepts / theories / domains of contemporary nursing issues. / 20-Able to reflect the learning that has taken place. / 20-Structure of the Reflective Journal Components and content of the journal are written literally and logically. / 10-Utilization of Information Utilizes evidence-based literature which is appropriate to the content.Appropriate APA referencing is used. / 10Total / 100

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