Using the Reflecting on the Philosophy of Nursing assignment submitted during the Transition to Professional Nursing course, describe how your 2, 5, and 10 year career plan may have changed based on the future trends and opportunities identified in your chosen area of focus.

Remember that this is a proper APA formatted paper and you are expected to follow all APA rules. Be sure to review your APA manual. (Reminder – all professional papers have an introduction and conclusion). Follow the instructions and rubric to ensure that you include all that is required. Be sure to follow the approx. 100 word limit for each section – being concise is just as important as meeting the minimum requirements for professional papers. When referencing your previous UTA courses, use this tip: look in the index of your APA book for “unpublished” or Google “how to cite a college course in APA” then from Google click on a well-known APA website. This is how you would cite this course:

Boyd, J. (2018). Capstone. University of Texas at Arlington. Retrieved from

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