Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Professional and Ethical Practice within the context of Health and Caring.From this study it is clear that in UK, nurses are trained for either diploma or degree certificates. Post graduate courses are also available for nursing graduates. The nursing profession has a multitude of specializations in various branches of medical care including in mental health, learning disabilities, adult and child care branches. They are classified into two levels. The first level nurses are trained for three to four years. The second category is called state enrolled nurses who are imparted training for two years. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register and regulate their services. In order to discuss the autonomy of nurses who are working with patients suffering from learning disabilities, it is paramount that one should understand major responsibilities.This paper outlines that nurses are basically responsible for the care of the patients during their hospitalisation. Some other responsibilities of the nurses envisage making nursing assessment which includes risk assessment and mental state examination, collection of collateral history of the patient by gathering information, etc.The autonomy aspect of nursing professionals in a hospital environment would involve the decision making on their part, regarding matters affecting the degree of care, comfort and convenience of the patients in line with their free will and consent.&nbsp.An understanding of autonomy is required to tackle situations in which the autonomy of the nursing professionals infringes the rights of patients and clients.

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