Self-Assessment of TIGER Nursing Informatics Competencies Guidelines and Rubric PURPOSE Each student will assess their Nursing Informatics competencies. COURSE OUTCOMES Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the following abilities. (CO1) Define key terms in informatics, healthcare informatics, and nursing informatics (PO 3). (CO2) Recognize the importance of synthesizing nursing science with computer, information, and cognitive sciences. (POs 1, 11) . MT at the end of Wks. 1 and 7 . POINTS This assignment is worth 25 points Wk1; 25 points Wk7. DIRECTIONS Understanding one’s own competencies in nursing informatics enables the planning of strategies to enhance knowledge and skills. A graded, online self-evaluation of your informatics competencies is required. The grade, however, is only for completing the assignment. No grade is assessed for any individual responses or any summation regarding your level of competence in any area of the tool. The self-evaluation is based on the TIGER competencies, developed as part of a large-scale endeavor entitled Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER). The focus is on the minimum informatics competencies for all nurses and students graduating from pre-licensure programs. There are no incorrect answers. The tool addresses three areas, listed below. • Basic Computer Competencies • Information Literacy • Information Management (including use of an electronic health record) More information on these competencies and the TIGER Initiative may be found at: TIGER Initiative

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