When attempting to garner support for a quality improvement initiative, it is important to demonstrate how the initiative supports the organization’s mission, vision, and values, as well as external factors that influence an organization’s priorities. Delivering a proposal for a quality improvement initiative requires clear, concise communication of the plan.

By tomorrow Tuesday 01/09/18 by 10 pm, write a minimum of 550 words essay with at least 2 references in APA format. Include the level one headings as numbered below:

1) Choose a QI initiative which has been the subject of focus in any healthcare setting. Explain the rationale that your senior leaders used in selecting this initiative for attention and focus.

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2) Explain how adverse events are handled in your organization from the public’s perspective and well as internally.

3) Find a scholarly article or one from the public press, published within the last 5 years which recounts a serious error. Relate this error to any organization with which you have some familiarity.

Required Readings

Joshi, M.S., Ransom, E.R., Nash, D.B., & Ransom, S.B., (Eds.). (2014). The Healthcare Quality Book, 3rd ed. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Chapter 11: “Patient Safety and Medical Errors”

Clarke, C. M., & Persaud, D. D. (2011). Leading clinical handover improvement: a change strategy to implement best practices in the acute care setting. Journal of Patient Safety, 7(1), 11–18. doi:10.1097/PTS.0b013e31820c98a8

Designed for leaders who want to improve quality care, this article focuses on clinical handovers that occur within acute care facilities. It provides a model for improvement and is intended to be a supplemental resource that can be used with the existing research and literature on this topic.

Sennett, C. (2010). Healthcare reform: Quality outcomes measurement and reporting. American Health & Drug Benefits. Retrieved from http://www.ahdbonline.com/article/healthcare-reform-quality-outcomes-measurement-and-reporting 

The article on this website discusses features of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), focusing on the outcomes and implications for quality outcomes measuring and reporting.

Lazarus, I.R. (2011). What will It take? Exploiting trends in strategic planning to prepare for reform. Journal of Healthcare Management, 56(2), 89–93.

Required Media

Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement: Organizational priorities for quality improvement. Baltimore: Author.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 9 minutes.

This video provides an overview of organizational factors that influence quality. Lillee Gelinas discusses the importance of teamwork and enlisting leadership to help move quality initiatives forward. Other topics addressed include the role of stakeholders in improving patient safety and the responsibility of hospital board members in setting the quality and safety agenda.

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